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3D Viewer from blaxxun interactive now FREE!

Munich, February 5th, 2001 - Starting today, blaxxun interactive is offering its 3D client blaxxun3D as a free download. This small 58 kbyte Java-applet allows presentation of 3D objects with a standard browser. It is platform indepedent and can be easily integrated into the source code of any website. It is loaded automatically for the website visitor and requires neither additional plug-in nor separate installation.

The sensationally small file size enables rapid transmission of the 3D Viewer as well as more extensive object display ? all through a modem connection. blaxxun3D brings VRML objects to the screen while making even animation and interaction possible. Typical uses for blaxxun3D are 3D visualization of products, processes, avatars and interactive animation, even navigable Virtual Worlds! For web designers experienced with Java, there is an API (application programming interface) through which upgrading and customizing can be done.

blaxxun3D uses Java 1.1, standard to all fourth-generation internet browsers* and higher and supports all features of the X3D format, a compatible subset of the ISO standard, VRML97. Use of VRML, the industry standard, has as its advantage that authoring tools such as 3d studio max, content and web design knowledge can be put to work with blaxxun3D immediately. An optimizing tool is also provided, which reduces the file size of VRML objects and adjusts to the X3D format.

"blaxxun3D is one of the smallest Java-based 3D-viewer. It is used already worldwide because of its good display quality. With the free download, we bring 3D technology to even more people continuing to encourage wider use of 3D on the Web," explains Walter Weber, blaxxun director of product management. "In a shop, I can hold the product in my hand; on the Internet, with blaxxun3D, I can turn, rotate, and zoom in on the product. The world around us has three dimensions, but a computer monitor is flat. With three-dimensional display, the Internet takes a step closer to the real world and to the user."

* To work with blaxxun3D on Apple Macintosh computers we recommend the use of Internet Explorer. If Java 1.1 has not been installed yet, it can be downloaded from:

About blaxxun interactive - The Virtual Worlds Company blaxxun interactive; Inc., founded in 1995, is the Global Technology Leader of Virtual Worlds Software. Virtual Worlds connect people and businesses, enabling more natural communication and interaction. The online applications are used for Entertainment, E-Commerce and Business. The international company has offices in San Francisco, USA, and Munich, Germany. blaxxun is supported by such investors as CMGI, whose Internet portfolio includes AltaVista, Engage und NaviSite. The award-winning blaxxun Virtual Worlds Platform is used by worldwide customers, such as BMW, Canal+, IBM, Intel, Lycos Bertelsmann, Siemens and Suny Telekom.


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