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Our basic service is the production of custom televirtual ‘net-fronts’ for organizations: banks, mail-order department stores, museums, city halls, shops, travel agencies etc. Beyond this we offer development of interactive 3D catalogues or on-line showrooms for products and services, multi-user on-line 3D offices, 3D intranet interfaces and directories like 'web-parks', virtual cities, 3D Yellow Pages etc.

It's a cliché, but the possibilities really are limited only by our joint imaginations... as well as the available budget, of course.

Our televirtual productions distinguish themselves through our passionate attention to user-friendliness, the intuitiveness and naturalness of our UI-metaphors and the superior artistic quality of our interactive 3D graphics and 360 degrees photographic panoramas. To produce on-line destinations that are engaging, fascinating, compelling, absorbing, involving and easy to use is key.

The two key technologies we use in all this are VRML, for all polygonal interactive real-time rendered 3D graphic experiences, and IPIX for *true* 360-degrees photographic panoramas... and the combination of both. You can find further information, explanations and demos of both technologies by clicking on their names above.

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