Virtual Power Substation

— A Single & Multi-user VR Training Simulator —

We created a fully detailed, exact ‘digital twin’ of all the equipment of an existing substation. The simulator includes mathematical modeling of processes using equation systems with 50 or more variables to describe the distribution of currents and voltages over sections; algorithms that update them constantly in response to any changes; real-time calculations of numerical values; relay protection, alarms; blocking; calculation of modes, etc. They all must be connected so that they exchange data, because they all constantly influence each other. On top of this are implemented the rules for online switches.

This VR simulator allows for effective remote training of substation operators as well as other electrical specialists. The essence of the simulator is to teach the correct actions and sequence of operational switching of equipment, blocking devices and relay protection. VR Digital Twin can be customized and extended to model ANY equipment properties, user interfaces, or functionality required. This remote training tool is multi-user. Up to 32 other instructors and trainees can join you inside it.

VR scores a retention rate of 75%. The National Training Laboratory (National Education Association of the United States) reports that retention rates for lecture-style learning are 5%, with reading rates at 10%. Meanwhile, VR scored a retention rate of 75% and at the top of the class is learning by teaching others.

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VR Substation Familiarization

Allows to freely explore and interact with all the high voltage equipment. Built-in mathematical models recalculate the simulated state of all processes in response to user actions. The present version offers a familiarization mode with the substation and then a training mode—the demo version, which we can put at your disposal for some time—enables the trying out of a procedure for bypassing the bus system for repairs. You can have it off the shelf, or you can have it customized to your specs. We can also make this a digital twin of a particular substance that you specify.

Creation of custom exercises, e.g. Bypassing the bus system for repairs.

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Substation diagram


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VR Substation features include:

Color-coded Bus visualization is a feature of a VR Substation Simulator

Color-coded Bus Visualization

One of the features of the VR substation simulator is that lines can be shown to whether they have load on voltage or no voltage. You can see everything replicated in the one-line diagram; these are some additional features the visualization of bus status by means of color coding, as well as the visualization of the electric field, which is a 3D simulation of the equipotential surfaces of the strength of an electric field as illustrated in this screenshot, as well as this one.

Electric Field Visualization

Electric Field Visualization

3D simulation of the equipotential surfaces of the strength of an electric field. Made using Unreal Engine 4, C++, 3ds Max & Matlab. We are looking into creating a WebXR VR/AR 'digital twin' (to work on ANY device in ANY browser without plugins) —i.e. a 3D simulation capable of displaying the current real-world status of something— of an electrical substation.

Substation Indoor Switchgear

Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear

Comes with a electric diagram abbreviations list for indoor and outdoor switchgear. The substation map will show exact position of the student and any of his actions will be reflected on the diagram. Multi user version is ideal for the remote training, onbarding and assesment of the canditates.

Electric Substation Overview for Bus Status and Field Visualization

Electric Substation Overview

VR Substation Simulator offers a possibility to fly over the facilities and get our a glance overview of the equipment aith color-coded bus status visualisation. There are two more modes of operation: first person view and third person view. All of these we will show you during the demo before we send you a triel vestion.

Trial Version

We offer 10 days trial version to qualified organisations. Before sending the download link to you we would like to schedule a demo meeting so that we can show you all the features and answer your questions. Please request a demo at

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