Our Services

Design and produce compelling 3D on-line experiences... to get us from the present to the future we envision, and attract others to go with us in the same direction.

This is our single driving passion

VR / AR simulators

Production of industrial equipment simulators using interactive 3D virtual & augmented reality. Step by step interactive simulators for the installation, operation and troubleshooting of your equipment.

Our CG4TV.com onilne store

CG4TV is shortcut for Computer Graphics for TeleVision. Making your productions and you "look like a million bucks"... at a tiny fraction of that... is what we are all about.

Architectural Visualization

We create photorealistic models, pictures of exteriors, interiors and visual scenery. Architectural Visualisation - powerful tool to model not only buildings and objects but surrounding landscape.

3D for Entertainment

We produce photorealistic and even 'videorealistic' virtual sets, 3D animated commercials, science and technology visualizations for theatrical-release as well as TV documentaries etc. etc

Multiuser Online Virtual Worlds

E-spaces is a pioneering and award-winning studio specialized in producing real-time rendered 3D graphics experiences -a.k.a. "virtual worlds"- for web-PCs and smart mobile devices.

E-spaces legacy website

Our legacy site documents we are a highly experienced world-class content creator of and for VR worlds. In that vein, we also program and implement VR shopping malls, virtual offices, online multi-user promotional experiences, 3D games etc.